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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Apple Customer Service, part 1

In just one week I had two Apple customer service "orgasms!" It was such a great experience I had to start this Berkeley Logic blog to share my wonderful experience.

It all started with my ringing iPhone being flung out of my pocket while riding my bike on rough asphalt! It hit the ground hard, but I picked it up and answered the call. The phone worked and I thought I had lucked out.

But, the next morning I saw there was a crack in the face of my iPhone! It went straight across the middle. After looking carefully I saw that the glass in one corner was shattered. Must have been where it hit...

I googled around and saw several posts from 2007 where people when into an Apple Store and a generous Genius Bar worker would replace the phone for free. Others said they had to pay $250 to get an in-warranty replacement. I decided to take my chances with the Emeryville Apple Store.

The next day I went in at 7:00 pm for my online-generated appointment. I saw my name on the monitor. At like 7:02 my name was called and my appointed Genius was a 20 something perky young man. With his soprano-pitched voice he asked what was up, and I just showed him the phone without speaking a word. I know, it was kind of sneaky!

The Apple Genius grabbed my iPhone and studied it. He looked up and said, "So when did you notice this?" What a perfect opening. Without hesitation, I said "This morning." He kept looking for about five seconds, and then said "OK, you're getting a new phone."

Wow! That was super cool. My new best friend kept looking at the phone and said "I see you've got an impact shattering here. I'll let you slide this time!" And, I didn't even have to feel guilty because he busted me and let me off!

I've been watching Apple for a long time, and it is amazing how they have evolved into the #1 model for creating a global brand and making the customer happy.


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