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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Berkeley Logic sells computers

Good news! Berkeley Logic is authorized to resell Dell computers. I know what some of you are thinking: "Yuck, you like Dell?" Well, we actually are not ashamed of reselling Dell computers, and here is why.

Let's face it, there are only three or four major PC makers left in the world: Dell (USA), HP-Compaq (USA), Lenovo (China), and Acer (Taiwan). When judging what brand is better in terms of reliability, it is always best to look at industry statistics rather than one's personal experiences. Based on my research, all of the these vendors are putting out a good product that should last for at least three years and maybe as long as five years. The "Lemon Rate" for these vendors is way below 1%.

Besides, if you are buying basic box-type computers then most of the components are just a commodity and all of the manufacturers put out essentially identical boxes that differ slightly in performance, price and support options. All of the manufacturers have speciality products, such as small form factor designs. Laptops is certainly an area where the vendors differ significantly.

Given the fact the PC industry is highly commoditized, what made Berkeley Logic choose Dell for our recommended PC maker? First of all, Dell's online configuration tool is the best in the industry and saves a lot of headaches, especially when it comes to buying servers. Also, I have had good experience with onsite Dell service technicians where they will replace parts readily (including laptop parts that have been abused by a user). Finally, Dell is a little less anonymous for me because Berkeley Logic has our own real person sales team that sits in an office in Oklahoma City. So we have real people and phone number we can use to escalate problems or get quick answers.

Also, Dell is making an effort to get rid of the bloatware present in many pre-installed systems. They have a new line (Vostro) that is specifically designed for the small business user who doesn't want to wade through a bunch of junk to get going with their new PC.

So, for Berkeley Logic these factors push Dell past the others, but race is very close at the finish line. Since the products are largely commodities we are always looking at the competition and occasionally choosing non-Dell solutions. We like the small form factor designs from Acer, and I have had some pleasant experiences with HP's business-class laptops.

In any case, if you are looking to upgrade or buy some new systems, the Berkeley Logic will be able to meet your needs with a cost-effective, well integrated solution.


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