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Friday, April 11, 2008

Berkeley Logic Knows Adwords

There is a lot to know about online advertising. From organic search results to pay per click models, content networks to "meta-tagging," online advertising seems to have a language of it's own. Every day, our emails link to claims of mastery, "27 secrets that adwords won't tell you," how to make a bazillion dollars, how to get hits, how to increase traffic, how to do just about anything with Google behind you. There are SERP's, CPC's, PPC's, URL's, CPM's, Keywords, Adwords, Adsense, Banner Ads, Radio Ads, Yahoo!, MicrosoftLive, and Google. Indeed, there seems to be an entire universe that you could get lost in if you only had the time.

Well, don't worry too much, because Berkeley Logic has been spending our time surveying the online advertising world. And, We have some good news- Online advertising works!!!

But beware, there are tricks. No, it doesn't mean that Google is trying to trick you, but there are ways to use their online advertising campaigns that simply work better than others. Berkeley Logic is dedicated to helping our customers get the best results for their advertising dollars. And yes, results in cyberspace can be linked to our willingness to spend. Indeed, we recommend refocusing those advertising budgets that traditionally went into print media, and re-allocating them to the new world of online ad campaigns.

If you have the time, read up on Adwords at the Google site. Once you've done that, try and apply your new-found knowledge to a real and active Adwords account. Make sure that it is linked to your website through the Google Analytics code. This is a "white hat" trick of the trade. "White hat" stands for an accepted practice. "Grey hat," and "black hat" marketing moves should be avoided by all but the unscrupulous. If your still not getting the hang of online advertising with Google, you may want to take a seminar on the topic. Berkeley Logic recommends the Google sponsored seminars like the one run by Sitening.com . They are fast paced and informative, but may help those who have a little bit of background in the field more than the laymen.

Remember, Online Advertising is a little bit art and a little bit science. Don't get too frustrated, be patient, it takes time to see results. If you would rather, Berkeley Logic can help you. In fact, running online advertising campaigns for our clients is the fastest growing sector of our business. We can create advertising campaigns for your website and/or business. We have reasonable fee structures that allow you to budget according to your needs and abilities. With Goolge Adwords, you set the limits. There are no surprise fee's on an account that is run correctly.

Whatever the case, Berkeley Logic recommends that you take your money out of the dying print market and move it to the blossoming online world. We know that it can bring newfound success. If for some reason you don't want to do it all yourself, We would be happy to help you!!!
Thank you for reading our blog.
Matt Angell at Berkeley Logic

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