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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Enterprise Computing

Berkeley Logic sells and installs a wide range of laptop, desktop and server computers suitable for organizations of any size. We can meet or beat advertised prices for many business-class computer systems, plus we will deliver and install new equipment at your business location.

Berkeley Logic recommends some of the features found in business-class computer brands. For example, when one compares business-class computing brands like Dell Optiplex and Lenovo Thinkpad to more consumer brands like HP Pavilion or Acer Aspire, a big difference is the length of time a particular model stays on the market.

The short lifespan of IT products is one greatest frustrations of business computer buyers. The rapid rate of change means it is usually impossible to buy a new version of the same computer you bought only six months ago.

Being able to buy a computer that has the same basic architecture, but has all the latest and greatest processors and memory components, allows Berkeley Logic to use advanced system management techniques to greatly streamline buying new systems. The is a leading reason why we recommend Dell Optiplex and Latitude for business computer buyers.

When building a business network Berkeley Logic uses disk imaging and network profiles to cut-down on per-computer setup chores. Estimates for installation and setup charges for business network installation vary according to individual customer requirements.

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